Procrastination Saturday

As I’m sitting here writing this, I can’t help but remember a phrase my best friend, Bird, used to say in High School.  “Procrastination leads to Masturbation.”  It’s true on so many levels and if that’s the case, consider me a serial Wanker (metaphorically speaking of course…).

So my friend J-Mo and I were talking last night about how we’re both in the midst of clearing space in our apartments, and how easy it is to put off.  Really, if you saw this wouldn’t you put it off too? 

It’s funny how putting off one thing can lead to doing anything else possible which can be good.  I woke up, did some Insanity, went for a run, got brunch with my buddy Julie, and got my haircut -Akil is the man: barber, artist, philosopher and former pro-soccer player. I even did a quick sketch (another thing I usually put off - it’s funny how I used to draw non-stop as a kid).

While I was waiting for Akil there were two asian adopted children with their mom sitting next to me. At the same time I noticed an elderly lady walking by outside propped up by who I assume to be her middle aged daughter. Something struck me. Maybe it’s wondering how the kids will grow up while just outside there’s a woman in the later stages of life who probably couldn’t walk without her child. 

I did a quick sketch from memory when I got home.  Probably should have taken a picture of the two ladies so I could get the poses and weight right.  I’m struggling to not over work sketches.  Any superfluous line can ruin the effect of a drawing.  Btw I love my Prang Brush Pen. 

So the US Open is on and it’s Djokovic vs. Federer.  Now I’m further distracted from the task at hand.  First set ended in a tie-break that Federer won.  Oh man, it’s an awesome match.

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